Collection of Facebook chats. #1

So this will be my updates on all the wonderful Facebook chat messages I get from magicians. The magicians are in red, and I’m normal.  PUN.

Chat 1:

how will i know if the jason brumbalow that emailed me was the true vp of E?
how the hell would I know
im doubting because he said that hes going to produce a video tutorial about my *CENSORED* change
stop for a second
why do you think I would know anything about this
or can help you?

Chat 2: (Mind you, he is 14 years old)
I am creating my own DVD project, just don’t know exactly, how to sell it

well… if its good you can just contact magic websites
and see if they buy it. that’s basically it
I am making sure it is very good, quality, DVD, teaching
I compare it to really good videos
but is the content good? is it original? is it worthy of publishing?
honestly it’s a flourishing project
but what do I do, like send the menus to them or what?
the same but different content

Chat 3:

sup Tony! thanx for the add
by the way im lazy when it comes to research..who invented the doble lift?
ive always wondered

old as the hills
There isn’t a direct person they can attach the credit to.
someday ill invent an awesome move like that !! im gonna name it with my name so im not forgotten like the doble lift guy

Posted: May 5th, 2011
Comments: 3 Comments.
Comment from Exo - May 5, 2011

Poor old double-lift-guy. May he rest in peace :s


Tony Chang Reply:

He will be fine.


Comment from Shane cobalt - September 5, 2011

It is credited to Richard Neve.