Brick Pass

Alex Pandrea does the Brick Pass from Tony Chang on Vimeo.

Posted: May 16th, 2010
Comments: 9 Comments.
Comment from wilson - May 16, 2010

alex’s pass made my heart skip a beat

also that 5D is damn nice; film more with it!


Comment from Exo - May 17, 2010

Where do i buy one ? (The brick, not Alex)
P.S.: I’ll take Alex if he comes as a freebie.


Comment from Daniel - May 17, 2010

NIce video, But what was with that card thingy at the end? :)

seriously though, that was a beautiful pass, hope to see his work on it at some point


Comment from Eric - May 17, 2010

Man.. why you gotta hate on bricks? He tried to throw a stick at it… HATER!


Comment from Michael Feldman - May 22, 2010

Four words: W-T-F ?


Comment from Exo - June 14, 2010

@Michael: WhereƄs the fourth one? o_O


Comment from mes - June 30, 2010

hey alex – amazing pass

what source did you learn it from? any tips ?

I am using jonathan kamm’s pass tutorial which has helped but appreciate advice


Comment from Alchemist - August 9, 2010

sup guis.. lookin good.


Comment from lorenzo - August 24, 2011