A Secret I have been holding out on.

So I have been keeping this one for myself for a while and only been telling a few friends. Its a “kicker” effect to end ANY card trick. There’s so many out there but never one that can fit into any card trick.

Here it is under this line.  Highlight it to see it.


Posted: February 6th, 2010
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Comment from L - February 7, 2010

COOL,haha,I want to introduce you in my blog…haha


Comment from Michael Feldman - February 7, 2010

Gotta say… I think the jumbo coin is up there with the fire wallet for all time greatest ending to an effect.


Comment from Jesse Rijpkema - February 8, 2010

Yeah go like:

Your card has vanished and jumped to my wallet, watch very close…..

Bye eyebrows.


Comment from Tony Chang - February 8, 2010

ha Jesse.

Your card is gone and it went into my wallet! Don’t believe me? (Take out wallet)
Let me just go into hell and try to ask for it. (Set wallet on fire)
(Close wallet)
“Hmm… No one home, guess I’ll get your card next time.”


Comment from Semjon - March 12, 2010

Hallo Mr. Chang. Why don´t you post any more. I check your blog every day hoping to read or see somthing new. Please come back :-) )


Comment from Rich Aviles - March 25, 2010
Comment from Winnipeg Magician - April 23, 2013

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