Alex is an up and coming magician. Don’t believe me? Here is a video of him doing a move that is very difficult and doesn’t have any applications. My kind of stuff.


Posted: January 31st, 2010
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Comment from Lloyd Barnes - February 1, 2010

Gregory Wilson was lecturing in Cardiff, Wales about 6 months ago and actually demo’d a great triumph effect utilizing the anti-faro.

Nailed it first time as well.

Greg mentioned releasing it in his next set of lecture notes.

Of course he credited Christian Engblom fully


P.s. love this blog!


Comment from Keith Brown - February 1, 2010

Though I don’t have the book with me, I can tell you Juan Tamariz has applications for the anti-faro in combination with his memorized deck that can be found in Mnemonica. I am not a practitioner of the memorized deck so I cannot give you specific details either past Juan using the anti-faro as a false shuffle.

Christian Engblom also has a dvd in which he explains the anti-faro, but I am not sure about applications.

In the second phase of David Williamson’s Aunt Mary’s Terrible Secret, the anti-faro could be used instead of jogging pairs individually but this requires the cards alternate in colour.


Comment from Peter - November 14, 2010

***Originally posted on theory11 – reposting here***

A number of Youtube videos on this move have been put up. IMO this is one of the best. It’s perfect after adjusting one card!

I know most videos of this type are just for demo purposes but I find it funny that most people who do the move execute it and then do a bridge to put everything back together effectively negating the move!

In terms of practical application, stripping the cards out after the move by pulling them apart might seem too obvious — assuming you wanted to get the deck back to pre shuffled/weave state. I mean you DO that with the anti-faro but then you have to separate and cut.

One idea I had is after you do the anti-faro, while the cards are now effectively a perfect faro, is to lay the ‘weaver’ on a table and finish with a push through shuffle. I think of it as one step back, two steps forward: ‘back’ being the anti-faro, (carry me back to old virginity!), and the ‘forward’ part is picking up the push through shuffle mid-stream by finishing and then pulling out and slapping. No. Not that.

Mad skillz on both. But if you can do the anti-faro then I think you could probably execute a good push through shuffle with some practice. While this is not an application per se, it IS a way to get them ‘un-screwed’ so you can then proceed down the yellow brook road. Just my .02.

Full disclosure: I cannot do either move. The push through shuffle interests me and I’m probably going to buy Jason England’s Foundations DVD in the near future.

Note: Not being intimately familiar with the anti-faro I don’t know what state the cards are in after the move. I’m wondering if there’s enough air between the cards after it to accomplish a push through shuffle without undue fiddling with the deck. Maybe someone who does this move, even if you’re still just practicing it, could weigh in on this.



Comment from Andre - February 28, 2011

Does have many apps