The War of 1812 Trick

War of 1812 from Tony Chang on Vimeo.

password : booya

Posted: December 1st, 2009
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Comment from Exo - December 1, 2009

nice patter for tivo tony (tivo thats an artists name).
i thought the war was over with ricky smith fighting the ninjas off though…
anyways using the spread as a cover (and a switch) is a neat idea. i hope you dont mind if i steal it from you :p


Comment from eric - December 1, 2009

nice work. been doing this for over 29 years though man, you way behind =)

i play i kid i joke


Comment from Mathias - December 2, 2009

Great as usual Tony! I love how it has 2-phases and the use of the ‘wild-card’ theme. The regular TiVo seems a bit too quick of a trick.


Comment from MichaelFeldman - December 2, 2009

the control is looking great.


Comment from eric - December 2, 2009

Does anyone else love the way Tony names his tricks?

I am thinking his next trick will be named something like, “why the monkey was curious” or “2 + 2 could = 5, if we truly believed, or were drunk,” or something crazy like that.


Comment from yes - December 3, 2009

You update your blog too slow!


Comment from Exo - December 4, 2009

you demand quantity over quality !


Comment from jaded - December 9, 2009

ill be your biggest fan



Comment from Gillian Seed - December 17, 2009

This was nutritive. I ate it.


Comment from IVIrIVIagic - July 26, 2010

like it. renamded to DVR though.


Comment from Dylan Moon - June 27, 2011

It is funny to see these ideas for tricks on your webcam, and and now they are all for sale and famous.
Like this (DVR) and the Be Kind Sandwich(Sandwiches for mere mortals)