Ponta the Smith

Long time since i blogged. Sorry about that. I started getting into coin magic. I actually started out basically in coin magic before I got really heavy into card magic. It’s time to go back and re-learn it again.

Now the topic is about this Japanese coin magician, Ponta the Smith. I’m sure you seen his videos on youtube before, but if not here is his youtube channel.  Amazing hands, amazing coin work, and best of all… no gimmicks.

One big reason I got out of coin magic was because of the trend of where it was going.  It got so god-damn gimmicked that it sickened me.  What happened to the good old days of just using one shell.  Now its all about the triple threat gimmicks and flipper coins and crap.  Now I for one am not all against using gimmicks but like in my previous posts I feel many people use gimmicks because either they don’t have the skill to pull it off or they are just lazy.

If you disagree, check out the work of Ponta and Kainoa Harbottle.  They do things that are so magical and visual without the use of gimmicks.  That is the difference between good magic and bad magic.  Many forget that magic is a craft.  You can’t be a good painter if you have a machine do the painting for you.  You have to hone your skills.

Anyways, just a little rant.  If you want to learn some good coin magic wait until Ponta comes out with his DVD over here in the states.  Also pick up anything by Kainoa, expically Coins on Edge.

Happy Holidays.

Posted: December 30th, 2009
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Comment from awhan - December 30, 2009

don’t you mean Pont(a) the Smith ?


Comment from admin - December 30, 2009

thanks, typo. it was late. ;)


Comment from awhan - December 30, 2009

i was all into card magic but then i watched Eric Jones and was introduced to the wonderful world of “elegant” coin magic … Kainao had already impressed me earlier on but when I witnessed Ponta the GREAT … i was flabbergasted … the man is pure genius when it comes to timing and rhythm in motion.

by the way you also misspelled Kainao :P sorry :(


Comment from Allen - December 31, 2009

WOW.. Dudes got crazy skill.


Comment from Jesse - January 1, 2010

I saw this coming since you basically favourited almost every video of him the last couple of weeks =D
I actually started doing some routines that involve card AND coin magic and the same time.
Paul Harris has alot of routines, In Stars of Magic 1 he also does a trick called “Hi-Ho Silver” , a really good , basic but thought through routine. Check it out.

Cheers and the best wishes,



Comment from eric - January 4, 2010

YAY for this DVD =) It is so fun to watch, even when I am not practicing. Even though I have gone through all of the instructions on the DVD, it sill seems like magic when I watch his performances.


Comment from yes - January 7, 2010

Hi,can you post some details on midnight shift?
I remember that you’ve said you would put up some information up long ago.


Comment from Spuffy - January 18, 2010

can’t wait

Also, I was wondering where you learned the continental divide


Comment from Exo - January 18, 2010

Its in the Penumbra Magazine.


Comment from Spuffy - January 18, 2010

yea, ik. i cant find penumbra 3 or 4 though