Diagonal Palm Shift Tutorial

Just want to remind you to read the actual handling of the DPS in Expert at the card table. I show you what adjustments I have made to make the DPS fit what I want, but I am not going through the sleight’s nuts and bolts. Thanks to Ricky Smith and Gary Au for helping me through this. I am by no means a master of the move but the reason I want to teach this move is that I want more magicians to read the classics. The DPS has many applications.

Oh by the way. Don’t just watch the video to know how its done. Learn it. Use it. Otherwise there is no point.

Password: What does Erdnase call the section in his book about magic effects.

Untitled from Tony Chang on Vimeo.

Posted: August 4th, 2009
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Comment from Exo - August 4, 2009

great tutorial tony. this will surely help out alot of people who are new to the dps. (thanks for that step idea. its a realy neat way of keeping a break in a relaxed manner and i dont have to stick my pinky into the deck to get the card out ^^)


Comment from Mathias - August 4, 2009

Thanks for sharing your tweaks, they’re very helpful indeed.


Comment from david - August 5, 2009

i am not able to get the password can you help me out


Comment from admin - August 5, 2009

starts with a “L” and ends with “main”


Comment from Exo - August 5, 2009
Comment from Stein - August 7, 2009

Good tutorial. Nice and useful tips.

I recognized the anchor thing from Ricky’s post on erdnase.com – He told me to check it out yesterday, actually.

Paper Engine, page 69:

“Many magicians exert inexhaustible effort in learning to palm a card, but next to none in learning how to replace one.”

Do you have any tips and tricks for replacing it to the deck, whether it be to the bottom, middle or top?



Comment from Exo - August 7, 2009

there is a brilliant bottom replacement taught in eatc. you should read the book as you dont seem to have done that yet ^^


Comment from Stein - August 7, 2009

On which page is it, because I can’t seen to find it.


Comment from Mathias - August 7, 2009

It starts at the bottom of p-89 and finishes at p-90. “Bottom Palm – When the Cards are riffled” follows after.


Comment from Gary Au - August 19, 2009

Nice tutorial. I especially like the tip of scrunching the fingers high up. Where did you get that again? ;) .

But anyway, I only see one other thing that’s opened. Your palm has a tendency to hug the bottom of the deck on the exit which feels like a separate movement. It feels like you’re just trying to really not flash, but if you just mind the angle of the deck, you can eliminate the hug and it’ll look even more natural.

Another thing I’ve noticed is people flash the pinky when they regrip the card. They tend to be actively trying do it (and doing it too fast, which results in the sucker shooting out). If you’re going to do that, I advise either mentally trying to keep that pinky in contact with the edge of the card (it will mentally force you to keep the arc of the pinky tight), or relax into the position (which is preferred).

There are also those two other tweaks I told you about. Either leaving the pinky there, or squeezing the other fingers in to meet the pinky. I don’t like the look of the squeezed hand afterwards though (though Carney makes it look great).

I have another tip on the “scrunch” that I’m not sure if I showed you that shaves off another inch off the edge of the card… which you know is huge :) . It was the original reason I scrunched in the first place.



Comment from Storm - August 22, 2009

Great video! Beautiful clean handling with all intelligent and perfectly thought through moves.

This was very helpful to me, so thank you! I know the DPS from various sources already but I have never licked the scooping action until now.

Also I’m quite impressed that you can make a single video in one go like that and make it cover everything without any dead points. Myself I freeze completely when I’m alone and I have to talk to a camera.


Comment from Mathias - August 30, 2009

Gary, your tips on re-positioning of the pinky were helpful. I fell into the habit of re-positioning it too fast without realizing it.

P.S. Where’s the re-shoot of your awesome passes? Your Malone-shift is smooooooth.


Comment from jaded - November 4, 2009

thank you for this video.



Comment from Wolf - March 9, 2011

any help with the password? I cant work it out :/ is there something i have to do to get it?


Comment from Eric - April 28, 2011

Password doesn’t work.. Tried all combos


admin Reply:

try harder. it’s not rocket science over here.