Diagonal Palm Shift #2

Here are two tricks I have been working on using the DPS as the main sleight.  A variation of the Hofzinser’s Ace Problem and Bureau d’Echange by Ernest Erick. Enjoy.  Next week I will go further in detail on how the move is done.

Password : Ricky Jay and his __ assistants.  (number)

Two tricks using the DPS from Tony Chang on Vimeo.

Posted: July 19th, 2009
Comments: 10 Comments.
Comment from Mathias - July 19, 2009

Very nice, I like how the handling for both tricks are simple and direct.


Comment from Eric - July 19, 2009

Really nice subtletites on Bureau d’Echange !


Comment from Eugene - July 21, 2009



Comment from Rob - July 23, 2009

very simple and direct handling. I think they are improvments on the original!


Comment from dan - July 25, 2009

Those are some great effects there!!

I have 2 questions for you and they are off-topic so sorry:

1- Do you have any tips for the ernest earick 1 hand bottom palm?

2- Just out of random curiousity do you do any flourishes?

Great tricks!!



Comment from Josh - July 26, 2009

This was beautifully done. It really inspired me to go back and look at the DPS. Bravo!


Comment from Charles - July 29, 2009

Tony, as usual excellent job in conception and execution. If I didn’t already know how hard it was to get the performance that tight, I’d swear it was effortless!


Comment from Exo - August 3, 2009

Finaly someone is using the cherry replacement :) i like the bureau d’echange variation a lot. great job.


Comment from ricardo - November 6, 2009

Where can i learn Bureau d’change?


Comment from Elia - December 16, 2010

This kind of reminds me of Kostya Kimlat’s Hofzinsers Aristocrats. Great performance by the way.